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Our love of the Hudson Valley has always included the material culture it has produced. A variety of societies and people contributed to this culture over the years, from the Native Americans who understood the treasure the Valley is, to the artists and craftsmen that populated its small hamlets and towns during the Twentieth Century.
    The unique culture of the early European settlers brought here a diverse background of taste and style that to us has made the Valley what it is today. For over twenty five years we have been collecting local “stuff”, including stoneware pottery, photographs, stitcheries, decorated transfer ware china, and coin silver.
   Hudson Valley furniture has also always been important to us. From the elegant and bold style of a formal Eighteenth Century Kas to the well worn doors of a painted country cupboard, our appreciation of the earliest pieces continues to grow. The well delineated formal furniture of the late Eighteenth Century as well as the carved and detailed pieces of mahogany from the early Nineteenth Century are what we pursue.
   During the Nineteenth Century the creation of artwork in the Hudson Valley accelerated. We have studied, explored and established collections of many of these works for our clients, including the simple naïve portraits and folk art of the early part of the century and the incredible genre and landscape of the mid century. Our love of this artwork has extended into the works more recently created in the art communities of Woodstock, Cragsmoor, and Cold Spring, and by the many unique individuals who came to the beautiful Hudson Valley to paint and create.

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